Those were the days, that was New York

I am some manner of posting-machine today, making up for lost time or something. This one’s fairly short, though; I’m just posting to point out that Platine Dispositif, makers of the best shmup EVER, have released a demo of their next game, a “metroidvania” which I believe is called Chelsea: Bunny Must Die. Go check it out; it’s quite Cave Story-like. Except with less plot. And more rigid and Metroid-like level structure.

Important! When you start the game, you will think that the controls are broken and you can not move right. This is not a bug, it is a feature. You will be able to move right as soon as you pick up the thing just to the left of the starting point that looks like a snowglobe with gears in it. I do not understand why this is. Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

Platine Dispositif also recently released a demo of a new shmup called Dandelion: Starchild Journey, and although I downloaded it last week along with a ton of other doujin game demos, I got really busy and haven’t had time to play any of them yet. I’ll try to check them out tonight and then post about any particularly awesome ones tomorrow-ish.

People have been having trouble getting the Chelsea: Bunny Must Die page to come up, so here‘s a direct link to the demo download.

13 thoughts on “Those were the days, that was New York”

  1. Am I the only guy getting a 403 on anything beyond the root of that guy’s site? And after so tantalizing a description, argh 😛

    (OK, that’s the second time your math thing has booted me, and I’m CERTAIN I had it right this time >_>)


  2. The new link is broken now too… and the main page of the site leads to a link without an underscore >_> Are we being purposely thwarted here?


  3. I bought this game bunny must die in a little doujin shop in akihabara. i don’t understand the ‘help’ messages and am stuck! Iv beaten two bosses but theres nowhere left to go except a door that only remains open for 1 second, and a bunny icon which i can’t reach. can anyone help me out as how/where to go?


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