Two great free games for the end of March!

I checked my RSS feeds today to discover not one but two great free game downloads available today.

The first is the demo of Noitu Love 2. Created by Joakim Sandberg, who also made Chalk, this is the sequel to his first major game project, Noitu Love and the Army of the Grinning Darns. The first Noitu love was an excellent game with some nagging pacing issues and a few obviously-made-in-a-game-maker technical rough edges, but as you can tell from the screenshots this sequel is a huge improvement, both in graphics and in gameplay, and has some very fluid platformer+mouse mechanics that are clearly evolved from both Noitu Love 1 and Chalk.

The second game is World Reborn, an interesting horizontal shmup with experience points for the Gameboy Advance. It was apparently finished just a little while after Gameboy Advance games stopped being made, so rather than cast it into the void the developers made the wise and magnanimous choice to release it for free. Hopefully this move will help them find a publisher for their next game.

EDIT: The full version of Noitu Love 2 is now available for $20, which is the price that all videogames should be. Go get it now!