Have you ever lost connectivity, because you were holding your phone wrong?

So, this isn’t really directly video game related, but I noticed this, and a quick Google search tells me that nobody else has noticed it, so I feel compelled to mention it.

Here is a screenshot of an iPhone in an AT&T ad…



…from 1993.

Technically, of course, it’s not exactly an iPhone, and the actress is using a stylus with it, but otherwise it’s an HD touchscreen smartphone that’s about the same form factor as the iPhone. It even has a touchscreen that goes to the edges of the face, aside from a black area at the bottom. Spookily prescient!!

You can watch the whole ad here. This was part of AT&T’s “You Will” ad campaign, which was stylishly directed by David Fincher (obviously borrowing heavily from Blade Runner, but with a more optimistic air) and which made a large number of accurate predictions about future technology, although very few of those innovations actually came from AT&T.