W** U

I see you playin’ Angry Birds on your mobile phone,
and I’m like, Wii U! (Ooh ooh ooh!)
I guess Animal Crossing wasn’t casual enough,
and I’m like Wii U, and Wii Farmville too!

I said the bluer waters were full of dollars,
Heh, and it was true. (Yeah, it was true!)
But Apple went there too and now the water’s not blue,
so, Wii U!

Yeah I’m sorry, I can’t track your whole body,
but I can tell how much you weigh!
What’s so great about Xbox? It just emulates Atari,
while we’ve got all the classic games!

From back in the daaaay, we made stuff you’d want to play,
(Where’s Earthbound and Terranigma? Please let us know, Iwata!)
Heeeeey, they might show up some day.
(Go and post that on your rumor blog.)


Now I know, good games are a no-show,
among the fitness apps and shovelware,
but here’s a new Zelda! and a new Mario!
There, that should hold you for a year.

And now there’s a neeeewww way, to repackage our old games!
(The fifth remake of Ocarina! This time with a touchscreen-a!)
Yaaaay, and no easy way to pay!
(Why do we need your county anyway?)


Now baby baby baby, we don’t really mean to hurt you so bad,
(so bad, so bad, so baaad!)
We made Wii Fit for your mom and Big Brain Academy for your dad!
(your dad, your dad, your daaad!)
And we’re like uh… wait! Uh, wait! Uh, WAIT! Gamers!
We love you! We still love yooou!


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