Black Mage is confused.I picked up Iridium Games’ Sequence a few weeks ago during a Steam sale- It’s kind of an interesting game, so I thought I’d put a blurb about it here. To summarize in as few word as possible: Sequence : Dance Dance Revolution :: Puzzle Quest : Bejeweled.

Sequence follows the tale of an obnoxious, sarcastic hipster who’s awoken at the bottom of a tower and needs to fight his way to the top, guided by an equally obnoxious, equally sarcastic hipster speaking to him over a loudspeaker. The game’s website and promotional blurbs make a big deal of the game’s voice acting, although I’m not entirely sure why- it’s not particularly good, and I would have very gladly given it up for a smaller download.

Most of the game really just amounts to a framework to propel you through a series of combats- you’re required to grind for items on each floor to make a key to reach the next, in addition to any equipment or spells you want to create. Combat itself is played on three fields of falling arrows, similar to Dance Dance Revolution’s playfield- tapping a corresponding key as arrows hit the bottom of the field ‘collects’ it. You can can switch between the three fields- ‘attack’, ‘defense’, and ‘mana’- at will. The mana field has a series of arrows falling constantly- collecting these allows you to regenerate mana. Casting any of your available spells to attack costs mana and creates a series of arrows on the ‘attack’ field; all of these need to be collected for the spell to take effect. Finally, monsters attack by creating arrows on your ‘defense’ field; these cause damage if they reach the bottom of the field, but you can collect them to prevent that.

It’s pretty intuitive in practice, and I enjoyed the two hours or so that I played even as someone who’s not a big rhythm-game fan. There don’t seem to be a whole lot of different songs (Offhand, I think I only saw four), and I fear that the game may get repetitive at the higher floors, but I think it was still worth buying. The sale I picked it up from is over, but it’s full price is still only $5- if you’re into rhythm games or RPG hybrids, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s available on both both Steam and XBLA.

– HC