Ether Vapor Remaster

Ether Vapor RemasterA quick one for today- better than continued radio silence, though, I guess.

Ether Vapor has long been one of my favorite doujin games; it’s a very polished sci-fi-themed shooter. I wrote up an article about it over at Hardcore Gaming 101 when it came out about five years ago.

Somewhat out of the blue, I found out today that the developers are releasing an updated English version later this month by digital download- it’s got a pretty serious visual overhaul, although what I haven’t seen any other changes.

It’s a polished effort by a skilled team, and it’s a lot of fun- I’m pretty psyched for the release. Ether Vapor Remaster goes for sale on their website June 29th for $8; they claim that a Steam release will be out soon after.

– HC