Who’s a what-now?

Hunty is your gracious host at the Inverted Castle.

Inverted Castle is a video game blog specifically for people with tastes similar to mine. It will focus mostly on video game news, with some ruminations, vaguely-game-related news, and personal projects thrown in. I like quirky, “very Japanese” video games, creative games and creative uses of technology, and things that are generally bizarre. I’m not interested in sports games, driving games, or generic first-person shooters, so you most likely won’t find any of those here. The most emotional moment in a video game for me was the ending to the first Klonoa; conversely, Aeris’s death didn’t do anything for me at all. I know barely enough kana and kanji to stumble through games like Remote Control Dandy and most Japanese gaming websites. There’s quite a bit of stuff reposted from other blogs (but only the kinds of things that fit with this blog), but there’s plenty of original content too. I think “new games journalism” is kind of lame, but enjoyable when I’m in just the right mood. On the other hand, I will never use “old games journalism” phrases like “roller-coaster ride”, and I won’t “score” things I review, so I guess that makes me sort of a “medium games journalist”.

Basically, this is sort of a cross between insertcredit and Lost Garden. But completely different.

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