I know what you think.

You think “I’ve had about as much fun with pig snot as is reasonably possible”. You fall asleep each night and wake up every morning, content with the belief that there is little to no further joy that you could possibly derive from pig snot. Well, my friend, I’m here to tell you that unless you’ve already played Gesundheit, you are LIVING A LIE.

Gesundheit is probably not the Citizen Kane of video games. It was written in a game construction kit, has only 12 levels, and is a little rough around the edges. It has no pretenses of greatness, and won’t change the way that you view the world… except the part of the world that is pig snot. It’s also free.

Thanks to PIGSource TIGSource for finding this one.

Sony Deathwatch 2007 continues…

Is this really the same company that made my two favorite consoles, the Playstation and the Playstation 2?

Since our last thrilling installment, Sony has put a $1200 bounty on any PS3s found on store shelves. Simultaneously, and conversely, Sony has said that the reason that there are so many PS3s on store shelves is because of their amazing supply pipeline, so if you go to Best Buy and there are 5 PS3s on the shelves, and then you go in tomorrow and there are still 5 PS3s on the shelves, those aren’t the SAME PS3s; all the ones you saw before have been sold, and magically replaced in the night by the PS3 delivery fairies! Today Sony announced that Kotaku is no longer invited to their parties and has to give back the debug PS3 they use for reviews because Kotaku reported on a rumor about some retarded Mii Channel rip-off that Sony’s shoe-horning into the PS3.

Every day the PS3 looks less like a George Foreman Grill to me and more like a coffin.