flambergeFlamberge is still in alpha, with a running Kickstarter, but what’s available so far shows enough promise that I’d like to give it a mention.

A strategy/RPG under development, Flamberge is built around simultaneous turns- both sides in battle give their units ten seconds worth of orders, then the actions paly out simultaneously. It’s more lightweight than many similar games- eg Mode7’s Frozen Synapse- but I found that served it well, making it a relatively light, fast, intuitive strategy game.

It looks and sounds pretty good, using the faux-oldschool Sword and Sworcery look to good effect. There’s a planned plot, but only the first couple of areas are available, so there’s only a brief look at it so far.

The best way to see what it’s like is probably to check out the gameplay videos on Kickstarter or try the demo, available for Mac, Linux, and Windows; if the demo is representative of the full game, I’m sold. At the time of this writing, there are a couple of days left on the Kickstarter, which has exceeded its modest goal several times over.

– HC