Yeah, I’m gonna be that one guy who doesn’t hate All The Bravest.

Upon its’ original release, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest was excoriated- and rightfully so- for being a $4 app which essentially amounted to, as Mike Fahey so eloquently summarized, $46 of in-app purchases looking for a game. Most of the complaints made then are still true: it’s still a series of fixed battles that you ‘fight’ by tapping on your characters; there is no ability to select which characters or how many come with you in battle; losing all your characters means waiting three minutes per character to get them back, or spending real money on DLC items; getting access to Your Favorite Character is a matter of getting lucky on pulls from a virtual gumball machine at a buck a pop.

That being said, the ‘base app’ has been dropped down to ‘free’. At that initial price for the core app, it’s much easier to justify as a nostalgia-fueled romp through the NES and SNES-era Final Fantasy games. It’s not very long- I finished it in something like two or three days of playing a couple hours now and then- and it does preserve the look-and-feel of the older games. The actual-money-costing items are largely bonuses; they’re not required to make your way through the whole game if you’re willing to let the game sit now and then.

I certainly wasn’t interested in buying All The Bravest when it first came out, and I didn’t end up putting any money into the free version at all. It does bring back all the characters I grew up with, though, and for free it was a nice way to hang out with them a little bit more.

– HC

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