pourin’ HP potions on the ground for my homies

It is with a heavy heart that I remove the dead links to Geek On Stun and Doujinaroni from the sidebar. 😦

Doujinaroni actually stopped posting a long time ago, but I kept hoping beyond hope that he’d start back up again, since it was the absolute best source for doujin game info. Honestly, without Doujinaroni to guide me, I more or less stopped looking for new doujin games when they closed up shop. They’re also where I first heard about the panty-shot fighting game, my post about which first put Inverted Castle on the map (from whence it has gradually faded ever since).

Geek On Stun was also full of vim and vigor and lots of fun and creative stuff, and they will be missed lots too.

I’m a little worried about The Rabbit Snare, since they haven’t posted anything new since 2006, but as long as they’re still online I’ll keep them there in the sidebar, just in case.

To even things out, I’ve added UK Resistance, which I actually thought I’d added a long time ago but apparently didn’t. So, go read some of that! He likes Sonic a little too much, but that’s forgivable because he also hates the PSP and PS3.

It’s amazing how transient the web is; sites come and go and disappear forever all the time, but you’d think such an information-heavy medium would keep a lasting record of everything. Oh well, at least there’s archive.org where we can visit the pale ghosts of our former friends…

EDIT: Speaking of UK Resistance, Sarah Palin is fitting into her new job just fine, thankyouverymuch. Crap, now I’m gonna think of Sarah Palin every time I play Bayonetta, which is totally gonna ruin it for me. 😦


Here comes a new challenger!

Since I’ve been too distracted to post much lately, and since he has all kinds of exciting things he wants to post on a video game blog, I’ve invited Strider to contribute to Inverted Castle.

He’s previously written a number of things for Hardcore Gaming 101, including their article on Tyrian, so I’m sure he’ll make some good contributions here, as well. And also I can stop feeling guilty that Inverted Castle keeps not getting updated! Yay!